Life at Delbarton


Delbarton students comes from 8 counties and over 60 towns, representing a variety of talents and backgrounds. Students are encouraged to grow through challenge, to take risks by broadening their capacities of body, mind, and spirit. Each student is expected to assume responsibility for gaining both knowledge and judgment, which will strengthen his faith, his participation in the life of the School, and his contribution to the broader society. Delbarton students receive much from our school, and they are also expected to give much.

We are brothers from different mothers


The Delbarton School motto, Succisa Virescit ("Sue chee sa Vir esh it!") is translated "Cut down, it grows up strong again" and was chosen to convey the value and importance of perseverance.
Succisa Virescit is also the motto of the ancient Benedictine Abbey of Monte Cassino, the monastery where St. Benedict wrote his Rule in the early 6th century AD.  This venerable monastery, destroyed by the Lombards in 580, rebuilt by Abbot Petronaux and destroyed again by the Saracens in 884, has a constant history of destruction and renewal even up to our own time, when it was obliterated by the Allies in 1943 during the liberation of Italy.