Global Programs


Each year, Delbarton students travel around the world to experience other cultures, serve others, perform, compete athletically and learn more about out global community.

the programs:

  • The Italian Experience
  • Delbarton Adventures in France
  • Glenstal Abbey Exchange in Limerick, Ireland
  • Summer Service and Study in Sant'Anselmo, Rome
  • Benedictines of East Africa and Delbarton Students (BEADS)
  • Rosebank College Student Exchange in Australia
  • Delbarton in Germany: Exchange with Bildungszentrum Markdorf
  • Classics trip to Rome
  • Bethlehem Farm
  • Guatemala - From Houses to Homes
  • Japan Cultural Highlights Trip
  • Peru exchange with Colegio San Pedro

Most trips run during the summer, but on occasion some will run during Spring Break or Easter Break.  For inquiries and more information, please contact the Director of Global Programs, Dan Pieraccini at


The Italian Experience

Where: Each year we visit one of Italy's three sections: North, Center, or South

Why: To fully immerse one's self in the real Italian experience, students of Italian Language must both appreciate the major sites as well as get off the beaten path and explore some of Italy's most rural and local treasures.

Delbarton Adventures in France

Where: Paris and the countryside (In March of 2013, the students traveled to Paris, Provence and the Riviera including Monaco and in June of 2014, they traveled to Paris, south to the Loire Valley and then north to Brittany and Normandy.).

Why: These immersive trips allow the students to actively engage in French language through meaningful conversation with native speakers and open their eyes to the wonders French culture so uniquely offers. From history to art to food, the boys have the opportunity to authentically experience it all and thus understand why learning another language can be such an exciting journey.

Glenstal Abbey Exchange in Limerick, Ireland

Where: Students stay with various host families from Ireland and Delbarton.

Why: To create a cultural exchange between Delbarton School and Glenstal Abbey School

Summer Service and Study at Sant' Anselmo Monastery in Rome

Where: Italian students will stay in the beautiful monastery of Sant'Anselmo, downtown Rome.

Why: While working a few hours during the day to help maintain the monastery, students will also experience life in the Ancient City while honing their language skills in Italian, tailored to their level of proficiency.

Benedictines of East Africa and Delbarton Students (BEADS)


Where: Tanzania & Kenya

Why: The trip seeks to fulfill the following goals:

  • Establish relationships started back in 2007 between Benedictine communities in Sub-Saharan Africa and Delbarton.
  • Offer service for the apostolates of these Sub-Saharan Benedictine communities, especially their schools, catechizing of the poor, and assistance with the poor, the handicapped, and orphans;
  • Allow our students to learn about Africa’s culture, politics, economic and social needs, giving them a greater global perspective.

Rosebank College Student Exchange in Australia

Where: Rosebank College in Sydney, Australia

Why: This unique experience grants Delbarton students a chance to form lifelong friendships with other boys from Rosebank College, in Sydney, Australia, while experiencing a full-immersion stay with their partner’s host family!

Delbarton in Germany: Exchange with Bildungszentrum Markdorf

Where: the Bildungszentrum Markdorf, a German university prep school (Gymnasium) in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, near Lake Constance.

Why: To promote cultural understanding; to learn/improve understanding of German in an authentic environment; to appreciate the history, culture, and natural beauty of Central Europe; to have fun! Highlights include: hiking in the Swiss Alps, sailing on Lake Constance, weekend trip to Munich, visiting the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart, visiting “Mad King” Ludwig II’s castles, World Cup or European Cup public viewings & celebrations.


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Where: Rome and various locations around the Bay of Naples, including Pompeii and Herculaneum

Why: Delbarton's Classics Trip is a chance for students to learn more about the history, archaeology, and culture of Ancient Rome amidst some of the most famous ancient ruins in the world. Students visit a variety of archaeological sites and museums, while learning about the structure of Roman houses and temples, exploring the layout of Roman cities, and reading excerpts of Roman texts on these topics.

Bethlehem Farm


Where: An Appalachia service project where you will spend a week living on a farm in West Virginia helping people in need by doing work on their houses.

Why: Throughout the week you also learn about their four cornerstones: Prayer, Service, Community, and Simplicity all while learning how to be a good steward of the environment.



Where: This trip to Guatemala is a service trip where students, with the help of the organization From Houses to Homes (De Casas A Hogares), will build a house for a needy Guatemalan family.

Why: While in Guatemala, the students will experience some of Guatemala's culture by visiting some of the tourist attractions as well as interacting with local families.


Where: The trip begins by exploring central Tokyo over multiple days, then travels to the natural areas around Mt. Fuji, and ends in Kyoto with a day trip to Japan’s ancient capital and World Heritage Site, Nara.

Why: Japan is a worldwide cultural force through its food (ramen, teriyaki, sushi), pop culture (anime, video games, J-pop music), and technology (Sony, Nintendo, Honda), and this trip is an opportunity to experience all of that first hand right at its source! From neon urban areas to pristine natural ranges, from the latest in robotics to millennia-old shrines and palaces, this trip has something for every person regardless of their interests.


Where: Lima and Cusco, Peru

Why: Practice Spanish and learn about Peruvian culture while participating in a homestay with a family at Colegio San Pedro, in Lima. Then, adventure to Machu Picchu, in Cusco!



"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."
-St. Augustine

Each year, Delbarton students travel around the world to experience other cultures, serve others, perform, compete athletically and learn more about out global community.