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Only 100 Yearbooks Remaining!

Just 100 copies remain and will be sold on a first-come basis. Place your order by visiting the publisher’s website here and following the instructions. If you do not yet have your photos or copy ready, enter TBA in the copy and image boxes and add in the comments box that your images and copy are being submitted directly to the Archway at a later date (no later than mid-February).

Please note that every senior will receive a name-stamped yearbook free of charge. Additional copies can be purchased by visiting

PARENT ADS - place your order by January 31 by visiting the publisher’s website here and follow the instructions. 


Please note that if you wish to have a yearbook name-stamped, you need to submit your order and name-stamp details by January 31, 2021. However, you can place an order for a regular yearbook at any time up to the end of April by visiting the publisher’s website and following the instructions.

Full pricing options for the yearbook (as well as parent ads) are listed below:

Base book price: $100

Yearbook Options: Name-stamp: From $8.00

Choose up to five icons with one line of text, or one icon with two lines of text.

Advertisement Pricing:

Full page color: $525

Full page black and white: $425

½ page color: $325

½ page black and white: $225

The entire Archway staff thanks you for your continued support!

Tony Fajardo, Matthew Morfogen, Colin Sutter: Editors – in - Chief

If you have any questions, email the editors at or contact moderator Mr. Dom Rodi at