Archway Yearbook

Reserve Your Archway Yearbook!

Be Sure to Reserve Your 2021 Yearbook! 

We are already well into our school year and also well into the design of the 2021 yearbook! Even at this early stage, the Archway editors are pleased to invite all students and parents to order a copy of the 2021 Archway yearbook. 

With higher student numbers than in previous years, we anticipate a strong demand for this yearbook, so we strongly urge you to purchase your yearbook as soon as possible so as to avoid disappointment. Yearbooks, (together with name-stamp or Itag), can be purchased by visiting and following the simple step by step procedure. 

Please note that yearbooks requiring NAMESTAMPS OR ITAGS must be ORDERED by January 25th, 2021.

Full pricing options for the yearbook (as well as parent ads) are listed below:

Base book price: $100

Yearbook Options: Name-stamp: From $8.00

Choose up to five icons with one line of text, or one icon with two lines of text.

Advertisement Pricing:

Full page color: $525

Full page black and white: $425

½ page color: $325

½ page black and white: $225

The entire Archway staff thanks you for your continued support!

Tony Fajardo, Matthew Morfogen, Colin Sutter: Editors – in - Chief

If you have any questions, email the editors at or contact moderator Mr. Dom Rodi at