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At Delbarton, we teach students that digital technology is a benefit that can enhance learning and bring students closer in times of distance, but that digital tools cannot replace in-person teaching, social interactions, relationships and community. We encourage students to be mindful of their screen time, to be engaged in their learning community, and to consider both the opportunities and the drawbacks of online connectivity.

BYOD laptop program

Delbarton is a bring-your-own laptop school for grades 9-12. A laptop is now a mandatory component of every student's educational tool kit, just as textbooks, calculators, and pencils are now. The expectation is that the student will have his laptop available at all times should a teacher wish to incorporate technology into the curriculum. The laptop will be purchased and maintained by individual students and families. 
Note: We will do our best to help with any software issues but we cannot repair or replace any hardware on personally owned devices.

Middle School Chromebook Program

7th & 8th grade Students are issued Chromebooks to use while in school and at home. Before entering the Freshman year, the device must be returned. Chromebooks are school issued and school maintained, however the student is responsible for any physical damage to the device. 

Student Laptop requirements

  • A PC with Windows 10 or newer, a MAC with Ventura or newer.
  • At least 8GB of RAM and at least 256GB hard drive storage (Mac or PC only)
  • Wifi, Webcam, & Charger
  • Have the required software installed (See list below)

Recommended Accessories

  • Ear Buds or headphones
  • A protective sleeve or backpack

Required Software

MAC Laptops

Windows Laptops

technology staff

John Costa

John Costa

Director of Technology
George Harvey

George Harvey

Tech Support Specialist
Charles Johnson

Charles Johnson

Technology Integration Specialist, Math & Computer Science Chairperson, Computer Science Teacher
Christian Zollers

Christian Zollers

Assistant Director of Technology