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Daily Announcements

1st Friday Adoration

The Catholic Tradition of Adoring Christ in the Eucharist on the First Friday of every month will take place from 7:45am - 1:05pm in the St. Martin Oratory in the Student Commons. This is a great opportunity to spend quiet, reflective time with Christ. You can stop in to say hello for as long as you like, or you can sign up for 15 minute time slots here Eucharistic Adoration Sign Up. See Mr. White or Mr. Fitzgerald with any questions. 


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Scripture Reading

Do not say, "I sinned, and what happened to me?" for the Lord is slow to anger. Do not be so confident of atonement that you add sin to sin... Do not delay to turn to the Lord, nor postpone it from day to day - Sirach 5:4-5, 7

We Believe...

That God works with us and through us.

That God invites us into a deeper relationship with Him.

That God calls us into this community.

That through community, character and integrity are forged.

In moving away from self toward others.

In using our gifts and talents in the service of others.

In the importance of conversation as a means to growth.

In the power of love to help us realize our God-given potential.

In the importance of seeking truth, beauty, and goodness.

In a community where all members are respected and where we celebrate the accomplishments of one another.

In the strength of Brotherhood.

In Succisa Virescit: “Once cut down, one will grow back stronger.”

That here, we belong.