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The Parent Council on Diversity and Inclusion is comprised of an executive board of current Delbarton parents that help our school to fulfill its mission in fostering a community of equity and belonging. Council members have a line of communication with the Administrative Team at Delbarton School, they provide an informative voice that is helpful in administrative programming and in building bridges between the school and its broader community of families.  Their primary focus is in community-building among our parents and families with an emphasis on belonging, as well as amplifying the diversity of adult voices in our community.

Delbarton PCDI Mission Statement

In support of the Benedictine Catholic educational mission of Delbarton School, the Delbarton Parent Council on Diversity and Inclusion exists to champion (i) a dynamic community of diverse student talents, perspectives and backgrounds, while affirming our unity in our school community; (ii) fair treatment and equality of opportunity for all Delbarton students; (iii) the core Delbarton belief that "here, we belong"; and (iv) access to information and resources for all students.  The Council strives to enhance opportunities for Delbarton families to engage with one another on topics of diversity, inclusion and equity, as well as access to all of the opportunities of a Delbarton education, and in our society on a global scale. 

Voices 2024

2023-2024 PCDI executive Board

2023 PCDI board photo

President – Yemi Benedict-Vatel P'24

Vice President -  Malak Atut-Raza P'25, '27

Secretary - Michele Smith Reinke P'21, '24

Treasurer - Amardeep Singh Chahal P'25

Ashley Doyle P'23, P'24

Jonathan Yee P'27

Karina Rivera-Pierre, P'23, '25

Tandeep Tolia, P'25

Varanda Handy P'25

Events calendar

Parent Resources

For questions or To learn more and get involved, please contact the Parent Council on Diversity and Inclusion.

Parent Events

We look forward to partnering with you as we help build a vibrant community where every Delbarton student and family has access to the fullness of the Delbarton experience!

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