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On Tuesday, December 1, Delbarton joins with thousands of organizations around the world in being part of the global generosity movement. As you consider the charities and non-profits you want to support on the world's only global day of philanthropy, please add the Delbarton Fund to your list.

In 2020, the Delbarton Fund has been tasked with meeting the demands of a new reality. That means providing the tools, technology, and safety equipment to enable students’ return to campus for full-time in-person classes and, when necessary, to implement the seamless transition back to Virtual Delbarton. It means meeting increased financial need for families impacted by the Covid-19 crisis. It means child care compensation for faculty and staff to enable their return to campus. Your gift to the Delbarton Fund makes the Delbarton Experience possible.

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About 10% of the annual operating budget comes from gifts to the Delbarton Fund, gifts that are made every year by parents, alumni, and friends. Together, tuition and the Delbarton Fund are the foundation of daily life at Delbarton, transforming the educational experience for every student every day.

Distinct from fundraising for strategic priorities or donations to St. Mary’s Abbey, gifts to the Delbarton Fund add up to about $2,700 per student and are used exclusively to support school programs and facilities.

The Delbarton Fund sustains the program of excellence that has come to define Delbarton School.

Your participation in the Delbarton Fund matters most. All funds raised this year will be spent this year. Every gift, large or small, directly enriches each student’s Delbarton experience every day of the year. 

The Delbarton year runs from July 1 – June 30, so if you have not yet made a gift, please consider doing so today! Donations can be made online, by mail, or by calling the Advancement Office at 973-538-3231, ex. 3055.

The Delbarton Fund FAQ:

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Delbarton Fund FAQ

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