Good News!

Retreat Teams & Service Coordinator Positions Announced!

Dr. David Hajduk, Director of Campus Ministry, is pleased to announce the Retreat Team leaders and Service Coordinators for the 2018-2019 school year. The Campus Ministry Team made these selections after considering the numerous applications that were submitted. It was a very difficult task - there were so many good candidates, but unfortunately, there are only a limited number of positions available.

If you are a junior or senior who applied for one of these positions, please check the links below and look for your name. For the most part, we have tried to honor your requests for retreat dates or service projects. In some few cases, however, a student may have been placed on a retreat and/or a service project that was in need of leadership and to which the team believed the student could contribute greatly.

If you applied to be both a Service Coordinator and Retreat Team Leader and do not find your name on one of the lists, it, unfortunately, means that, due to the large pool of applicants, we could not match your application with a position in that program. We do thank you for your application and trust that, even though you did not receive a leadership role in that program, you will continue to show your support for it.

Please join me in congratulating next year's leaders in Campus Ministry! It is going to be a blessed and grace-filled year!

Service Coordinators 2018-2019
Retreat Teams 2018-2019
Retreat Team Service Coordinator Letter 2018-2019

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