Faith & Service

Campus Ministry

The Campus Ministry program acts as the “heartbeat” of Delbarton School, providing opportunities for students to seek and encounter God and His love for them, as well as to respond to that love through lives of faith and service.

Seniors and juniors share Benedictine values and build bonds of brotherhood with freshman and sophomores on high energy retreat weekends, and have the opportunity to deepen their own faith on our KAIROS retreat. Days of Recollection are specifically designed to meet the spiritual needs of our middle school, junior, and senior classes. The morning meditation on a passage from the Scriptures or the Rule of St. Benedict, celebrations of the Sacraments of the Eucharist and Reconciliation, school-wide prayer services and small group prayer experiences all help students to “make space” amidst their active lives to “listen with the ear of their hearts” to the Lord’s voice (Rule of St. Benedict, Prologue) and to raise their hearts to Him.

Our community service program is an expression of the Benedictine charisma of hospitality that welcomes everyone as Jesus Christ (Rule of St. Benedict, 53:1, Matt. 25:40) and seeks to inspire in our students a true humanism which “acknowledges that man is made in the image of God and wants to help him live in a way consonant with that dignity” (Pope Benedict XVI, God is Love, n. 30). With a project for every heart and every schedule, community service at Delbarton affords each student the opportunity to give himself with passion and commitment to those in need, and to develop into a “servant leader.”

David Hajduk

David Hajduk
Director of Campus Ministry, Religious Studies Teacher

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