Delbarton Arts Council


The Delbarton Arts Council supports the arts at Delbarton by encouraging and recognizing participants in the arts, both students and faculty members; by highlighting art-related events and programs; and by serving as a forum for new ideas to promote the arts in the Delbarton community. The arts council encourages the integration of arts-related activities into Delbarton life.

The DAC fosters the Delbarton philosophy and tradition of Benedictine learning to develop the whole person in spirit, mind, and body, and as a member of the community. DAC supports the commitment of a balanced "renaissance" education that encompasses the arts as well as academic pursuits and encourages all Delbarton students to observe, enjoy and participate in the arts.


The Delbarton Arts Council works diligently throughout the year to provide support for all the arts related activities at the school. The Council starts the year by sponsoring a tent at Homecoming, supports dramatics by hosting an opening night reception and concessions for the Fall Drama, Winter Musical, and Spring One Acts, provides hospitality after concerts and at the AP Art show, and decorates the Fine Arts Center at Christmas

Lastly, the Delbarton Arts Council hosts an Arts Festival in late May with a special dinner celebration of the arts with an evening of music, art shows and awards.


The Delbarton Arts Council represents four areas of arts-related activities: music, drama/visual arts, publications, and performing arts. The Council is comprised of members of the administration; faculty moderators of arts activities; Delbarton students who are active in the arts; and parents. The council invites parents to get involved by participating in all the activities throughout the year.

For more information or to get involved, contact Lynn Alexy (