Both Visual Arts and the Performing Arts flourish at Delbarton. The Art Department, in addition to hosting the Artists’ Collective Club and the Photography Club, presents and stages faculty and student exhibits, organizes educational visits (available to junior and senior Studio Art and AP Art History students) to galleries and museums and invites recognized artists to provide master classes. In conjunction with the Delbarton Arts Council, student work across all grades are displayed via bespoke posters and videos, all of which are displayed across multiple social media platforms as well as within the school.

With eleven music ensembles and three theatrical productions each year it is our hope that each student finds an outlet for their talents and a home in the Arts.  

Whether it is as a Schola Cantorum member, in our stage crew, performing with the Wind Ensemble, or acting on our stage, it is our goal to build a vibrant and engaging arts community.  Our combination of large and chamber experiences serve to expose Delbarton students to a wide variety of great works and technical challenges.

Delbarton’s Abbey Players stage three theatrical productions a year, involving students in a wide variety of dramatic and musical experiences. Students study the craft of acting by researching different facets of theater, including mime, dialogue, and skits.


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