Graduway-app App is Launched!

The app is now available to download from iTunes and Google Play.

The app allows you to use your mobile device to find and connect with fellow alumni. You can also search or post job postings, available internships, and mentoring opportunities, plus see information and register for all upcoming Delbarton alumni events.

You can download through Google Play or iTunes.

* When downloading your App on any iOS device, you will need to search for the "Graduway Alumni App". Once this has been found and downloaded to your device, you will need to insert the code number 1310762. Once the code has been added, you will be re-directed to your Delbarton Alumni App. A pop-up will appear asking if you'd like to change your icon. Click "Yes" to make this change. Your App will then be available for use.

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IOS & Android App now available!

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Association Board Members 2019-2020

Tim Fitzsimmons ‘95

Vice Presidents
Chris Bury '91
Peter Ramsey '90

Members at Large
Steve Block '71
Joe Colangelo ‘03
Mark DeLotto ‘98
Drew Eklund '99
Bob Farrell ‘64
John Ferramosca ‘05
Matthew Gilfillan ‘86
John Glynn ‘90
Ryan Dooley '91
Joe Ferraro '95
Ted Lawless '03
Jim Maguire '79
John McEvoy ‘89
Taylor Price ‘04

2018-2019 Award Winners

The Class of 1948 Headmaster's Cup

Class of 2008

80.87% participation

Class of 1948 Emeritus Winners

100% participation

Rev. Kenneth Mayer, O.S.B., Award

Class of 2008

93 donors

Alumni Achievement Award

Class of 2003

Increase of 9 donors

Green Wave Madness Winners

Class of 2018

35.11% participation by April 8

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