Congratulations to the Class of 2012!

With a total of 61 donors, the Class of 2012 has won this year's Catch the Wave award. Our winners took the lead by almost 30 gifts, breaking 60 gifts for the first time in the history of the competition.

Final Top 5 in Class Participation

Class of 2012 61 donors
Class of 1990 34 donors
Class of 1991 32 donors
Class of 1989 25 donors (tie)
Class of 2004 25 donors (tie)
Class of 2017 25 donors (tie)
Class of 2014 20 donors

If you didn’t get a chance to make a gift by the close of the competition, it’s not too late. The Delbarton Fund runs through June 30, and there are three additional awards for giving that are up for grabs and presented at the end of the fiscal year:

Headmaster’s Award for highest participation percentage
Fr. Kenneth Mayer Award for highest number of donors
Alumni Achievement Award for most improved over the previous year

Thanks so much to all of our alumni for supporting Delbarton!

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Hall Of Honor


Jules G. Spada ’48

Frank D.Visceglia ’60

Lee S.Trumbull ’58

Rev. Manus Duffy,O.S.B. ’60
Joseph K. Pagano ’63
W. Norman Scott ’64

Edward F. Broderick ’50
D. Peter Keller ’65

Edward J. Dwyer ’64
John F. Sanfacon ’57
Louis P. Thebault

F. Daniel Foley ’50
Carmine J. Galdieri II ’57
Robert C. O’Mara ’60

James M. Corroon ’57
Frank A. Delaney
Rev. Giles P. Hayes,O.S.B. ’56

Rev. Stephen W. Findlay,O.S.B.
William F. Sittmann ’67
Joseph R. McDonough ’68

Robert B. Collins ’56
William O. Regan

Brian T. Fitzgibbon ’74
Rev.Kenneth H. Mayer,O.S.B.
William J. McFadden ’59

Edward J. Butera ’56
Harvey C. Jones, Jr. ’70
Skip Livera ’63

Kary W. Antholis ’80
Rev.Adrian McLaughlin,O.S.B.

Daniel T. Scott ’62
James E. Nugent ’69
W. Michael Murphy, Jr. ’67

Kevin T.Kenny ’78
Robert E. Mulcahy III
Boyd A. Sands ’55

Elizabeth T. & John G. Gilfillan III
Anthony M. Nugent ’74
Peter L. O’Neill ’59

E. Pat Brady ’70
David F. McBride ’65
Rev. Peter J. Meaney ,O.S.B.

C. Sean Closkey ’85
Donald L. Criqui
Robert L. Sheridan ’81

Lawrence H. McLernon ’57
J. Craig Paris ’82

John F. Conner ’53
Hilda Maloney
Bill Smith ’63

Abbot Brian H. Clarke,O.S.B.
Eugene "Doc" Doherty ’54
J. Brian Thebault ’69

Right Rev. Thomas J. Confroy,O.S.B.
Ronald P. Mealey ’50
William J.Waldron III ’65

Brian E. Fleury
John P.“JP” Flynn ’86
Richard L.Wade ’61

Patrick Henry ’57
Richard W. Herbst
George H. Miller, Jr. ’52

Michael A. Ferguson ‘88
John E. Luke ‘78

James J. McGough ‘49
John C. Traynor ‘79
Andrew W. Verhalen ‘74

James A. Ferrante, Jr. ‘75
Keith D. Kulper ‘70
Rev. Bruno A. Ugliano, O.S.B.

Kurt W. Krauss ‘81
Peter Pizzi ‘71
Anthony Passarelli

Thomas A. Caputo '57
Thomas J. Luby '72
James G. Petrucci '82

Martin S. Flaherty '77
Dr. Roy L. Horton
Jon E. Krawczyk '88

Taylor Price '04
Michael J. Slattery '59
Rev. Beatus T. Lucey, O.S.B.

Derek J. Maguire '90
Wayne Gardiner
Frank D. Visceglia, Jr. '85

Stefan A. Howells '86
James J. Maguire P'79, '82, '86
Charles R. Ruebling '79

Rudy Marchesi ‘67
Rich Darche ‘72
Brian Hanlon ‘87


Craig Paris

Craig Paris

Class of 1982
Director of Alumni & Development, Squash Coach

Melanie Bowers

Development Associate for Parent Relations and Database Management
Matt Campbell

Matt Campbell

Class of 2008
Associate Director of Capital Campaign
Patrick Collins

Patrick Collins

Class of 1981
Capital Campaign Director
Valerie Conroy

Valerie Conroy

Manager of Advancement Services
Jessica Fiddes

Jessica Fiddes

Director of Communications
Harry MacCormack

Harry MacCormack

Digital Content Manager
Ana Martinez

Ana Martinez

Assistant Campaign Director, Trustee Liaison
Rembert Reilly

Rembert Reilly

Vice President of External Affairs
Maria VanKirk

Maria VanKirk

Director of The Delbarton Fund
Heidi Williamson

Heidi Williamson

Assistant to Director of Alumni and Development

President's Page

Remarks from the President of the Delbarton Alumni Association, at the Fall Class Reps’ Dinner at the Madison Hotel, September 27, 2017

As we begin another year at Delbarton, we are reminded once again that every year brings change. This year we will recognize and reflect upon the service and accomplishments of our departing Headmaster, and we will welcome a new headmaster to lead us in the years ahead. We will celebrate the long run of a fellow alumnus as he built and led our successful lacrosse program, and we will wholeheartedly support his successor who steps into those shoes with high hopes, and with the young men and the tradition to back him. We will also remember loved ones who have been lost to us, some of them far too soon. We will do all of these things together as we look to the year ahead.

As a community, we draw our strength and our notion of “brotherhood” from doing these things together and over time, as we have always done. It is not the singular event alone that creates a community of brothers; it is the time leading up to the event and the time leading away from it – the time we spend together. As an Alumni Association and as a Board, we set goals for ourselves each year and then we work together to achieve these goals. It is not the heights we reach, but that “we never stop climbing” that makes us brothers. As a Delbarton family, in the past few months we have attended funerals and we have mourned together. It’s the support we provide to each other now and into the future that draws us closer. It’s not the moment we are cut down; but that “we grow back stronger” that makes us brothers.

Recently, I had the opportunity to hear Brother Paul speak to the Lay Board about the Rule of St. Benedict and about the community that the monks have established over time -- a community they maintain and provide selflessly for the benefit of the students, the alumni and the entire Delbarton family. He reminded us that what makes Delbarton unique is that Delbarton and St. Mary’s Abbey is their home, and so the monks are welcoming us to their home and teaching us at their home. It is this spirit of hospitality that forms the foundation of our community. As I listened and scribbled notes, I was brought back to my time as a student at Delbarton. Once again, Brother Paul was teaching me and this time a new light bulb went off in my mind.

Among the many gifts the monks have given to us, for me the greatest gifts are clearly the gift of brotherhood which we have learned and borrowed from their monastic tradition and the gift of their home which we share with them. With Homecoming season on our mind, as Alumni we are reminded that it is not the fact that we attended Delbarton many years ago that makes us brothers, it is that we return year after year, through the seasons, in the good times and in the sad times to our Delbarton home that makes us brothers. For this, we thank you.

John Tonzola '95,
President, Delbarton Alumni Association

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Association Board Members 2017-2018

John Tonzola ‘95

Vice President
Tim Fitzsimmons ‘95

Members at Large
Andrew Anselmi ‘83
Steve Block ‘71
Christopher Bury ‘91
Joe Colangelo ‘03
Mark DeLotto ‘98
Bob Farrell ‘64
John Ferramosca ‘05
Matthew Gilfillan ‘86
John Glynn ‘90
Grant Hewit ‘02
Fred Krom ‘03
John McEvoy ‘89
Jim Maguire ‘79
Taylor Price ‘04
Peter Ramsey ‘90

2016-2017 Delbarton Fund

Over $1.3 million in gifts!
1,910 donors
39.41% participation


Headmaster’s Award
1948 100.00%

Fr. Kenneth Mayer, OSB, Award
2008 97 donors

Alumni Achievement Award
1997 - 7 new donors

Decade Awards
’40s & ’50s 1948 100.00%
’60s 1964 53.33%
’70s 1979 45.07%
’80s 1989 60.47%
’90s 1995 56.44%
’00s 2008 85.84%
’10s 2016 61.86%