Tuition & Affordability


Tuition for the 2019-20 academic year is $39,900 for all grades. Tuition is comprehensive and virtually all-inclusive.

The only significant expenses not included in tuition are:

Transportation:  Approximately $2,000-$4,000 per year if you opt for an available bus ($1000 of this amount is reimbursed to you by your town if you live between two and twenty miles of Delbarton)
Books: Approximately $500 per year
Voluntary Giving:  Optional donations to school initiatives like the Delbarton Fund


Click the TADS button on this page to begin your application for financial aid.

Can you afford NOT to look at Delbarton?

Consider this...

Delbarton is grateful for the opportunity to educate talented young men.  In sharing this sacred vocation with the parents of every enrolled student, we are mindful of how significant the decision is to send a child to an independent school.  We also know that the cost of an independent school is beyond the reach of most families.  

This is why Delbarton has made it a priority to help families bridge the gap between their means and the School’s expenses.  For example, Delbarton doubled its financial aid budget, making AFFORDABILITY a REALITY for every family.  Delbarton continues to seek a broad diversity in its student body and is committed to making its educational opportunities available to exceptional young men regardless of race, color, creed, or financial status.

The financial aid budget for the 2019-20 academic year is approximately $3.5 million and the average aid award is approximately $27,000, making Delbarton LESS expensive than other area Catholic schools for most families in the middle and lower income brackets. 

With approximately 20% of our student population receiving financial assistance, Delbarton is able to draw families across the state from 120 towns and 12 counties.  Because all of our awards take the form of outright grants, awards do not need to be paid back.  Best of all, unless there is a significant change in the financial standing of a family, or a significant change in the academic or disciplinary record of the student, awards remain with a family every year until their son graduates from Delbarton.   

As for the financial aid application process, please know that it is confidential, secure and conveniently online.  Moreover, the Financial Aid Committee makes award decisions separately from our admission decisions meaning our process is equitable.  Awards are determined according to a family’s Demonstrated Financial Need as determined by TADS, an independent financial aid service.

Delbarton is more than happy to waive its application fee to the school for any family applying for financial aid -- simply request a fee waiver.

With such a robust financial aid program and a risk-free, online application process, the real question is: Can you afford NOT to look at Delbarton?


*Both new and existing financial aid applications must be completed by December 11th to qualify for financial aid!  We ask that all families strictly observe this deadline.  Firm financial aid awards (not just preliminary offers) are announced with acceptances in the latter part of January for those families who are seeking admission to the school.

(The 2019 Federal Income Tax Form 1040 may be submitted to TADS a little later -- by February 22nd.  We do this as a requirement to certify the information provided on the online TADS application.  Unless there is a significant discrepancy between a 1040 and the TADS application, families are guaranteed the award amount announced to them in January.)   

Please note that there is no financial aid available for applicants to 7th grade. 

Distribution of Financial Aid

Average Financial Aid by Household Income

2019-2020 Tuition Comparisons

Financial Aid

Delbarton School does not sponsor and/or endorse information from specific loan programs; however, as a convenience to families considering a loan, Springstone Financial which is a private loan program for those individuals who prefer to pay their tuition expenses over an extended period of time.  Parents are free to select loan programs from any institution.

Your financial obligation to the school is for the full annual tuition as stated in the school's enrollment contract.  The school cannot refund tuition or cancel unpaid obligations.  The Plan provided substantial insurance protection to protect your financial commitment against unforeseen circumstances.