The Delbarton Difference

the delbarton difference

The Delbarton Difference: Building Innovative Learners

As a Benedictine Catholic school, Delbarton proudly belongs to the longest tradition in Western education dating back 1,300 years.  Today, Benedictine schools flourish on six continents by balancing tradition and innovation; they are rooted in the past but firmly embrace the future.  

Delbarton students benefit from this rich blend of past and present.   From flipped math classrooms, choice-reading English courses, character reenactments in history, and foreign language cultural outings to student-designed 3-D science projects, visiting speaker panels, and off-site educational excursions, Delbarton is a cerebral playground for the serious learner and offers innovative signature programs.

Ryan Crane '95 Business center

Delbarton is one of the few high schools in the United States to offer a fully equipped Bloomberg terminal lab. Here, students build financial literacy, strengthen research skills, and bring economic theory to life.  Seniors in AP Macroeconomics, for instance, become Bloomberg-certified through an online curriculum that equips them with powerful tech tools to navigate global markets and conduct complex economic forecasting. Many have discovered that their Bloomberg certification provides them a competitive advantage when seeking coveted internships and job opportunities.

DelEX: Delbarton Externship Program

Each June, DelEX offers an externship opportunity for rising seniors, connecting them with alumni and parents to explore career opportunities and extend learning beyond the classroom. Alumni and parent hosts in private enterprise and public service offer brief training programs to our young men. Students shadow their hosts throughout the program, attending staff meetings, working on unique projects, and networking with industry professionals. Setting up a LinkedIn account, composing a professional resume, and learning about professional etiquette are all part of the DelEX experience.  Past externships offered students exposure to industries in business, finance, entertainment, media, medicine, manufacturing, entrepreneurship, politics, law and more. Students appreciate experiencing diverse professional fields and hosts value mentoring and sharing their knowledge with a new generation of potential employees.

The delbarton incubator

Delbarton’s version of “Shark Tank” is a hands-on class that builds entrepreneurs by applying student creativity and problem solving skills to real world product solutions.  Students work in teams to develop prototypes, design business and marketing plans, and bring innovations to market through website design, advertising, and sales. Throughout the year, alumni entrepreneurs visit to offer students feedback on everything from setting up an e-commerce company and testing product validation methods to researching intellectual property rights and creating partnership agreements. Past products include the Wallet of the Future, the Powder Pill electrolyte performance system, and Table Rock -- the must-have accessory for restaurants.

arabic language

As one of the fastest growing global languages, Arabic is spoken by over four hundred million people around the world.  At Delbarton, students of Arabic learn to read, write, and speak the language through virtual video exchanges with peers schools in the Middle East and an optional Global Delbarton trip to Jordan, Palestine, and Israel.  Many continue their studies in college and discover that in addition to opening their minds, the Arabic language also opens many doors.

The Freshman Project

All Delbarton, freshmen participate in yearlong, independent research culminating in their Freshman Project, an inquiry-based intellectual adventure allowing each young man to explore a non-traditional area of personal interest.  Using a digital delivery platform, diverse technology tools, and guided portfolio assessments, Freshman Projects are delivered in live presentations to a faculty panel in the spring. Past projects include every area imaginable -- from building a doghouse for Ben (Delbarton’s mastiff-lab mascot) and designing a Delbarton iPhone App to launching an annual 5-K fundraiser and creating an herb and vegetable garden.