Build Better Boys



To whom much has been given, much will be required. (Luke 12:48). 

This Biblical truth is a cornerstone of everything we do here at Delbarton which is why we remain ever mindful that the world is bigger than Morris County and extends well beyond our 200-acre campus. 

From travel and service programs covering six continents throughout the world to Campus Ministry projects right here in the United States like the Soup Kitchen in Morristown, Christmas Toy Drive in Paterson, and Nazareth Farms in Appalachia, the Delbarton community works daily to impact and transform the larger world by serving others with others.


A man’s ledger does not tell what he is, or what he is worth. Count what is in man, not what is on him, if you would know what he is worth. (Henry Ward Beecher) 

At Delbarton, our goal is to mold the quality and resilience of each young man's character.  We intentionally and constantly model good character and healthy masculinity while encouraging the wide-ranging interests and passions of our students.  Singing in the winter musical, mentoring a young child, or scoring a championship-winning goal, each is an opportunity for teachers and coaches to emphasize key ethics, values and, above all, respect for oneself and others. Each young man is unique and models masculinity in his own way, but what unites us is what is inside us -- the core beliefs that guide and unite us. We believe that a young man's character leads to his destiny. And so the Delbarton journey is not simply about where it takes you, but who it makes you.


Listen carefully, my child, to the teacher's instructions, and attend to them with the ear of your heart.  (Prologue, Rule of St. Benedict)

Benedictines have been "doing education" longer than anyone in the Western (Latin) intellectual tradition.  By attending a Benedictine "school for the Lord's service," our young men are joining in a 1,500 year tradition of excellence that is rooted in the wisdom of historical experience yet always oriented toward future possibility.  Such formation works because every young man hungers for relationship with others and with something grander than themselves.  This is how our students are empowered -- formed by the light of a divine reference and emboldened by a Catholic faith tradition that has shaped the world in which they live.  Through communal worship and silent reflection, retreat programming and theology coursework, prayer and service, Delbarton students are empowered in spirit to take on the life of the mind and body.  For as every parent knows, if our children know their source, they grow clearer about their destiny.   We invite every young man to find God and themselves at Delbarton.


For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them. (Aristotle) 

Get your hands dirty and get learning.  Delbarton students have this bias toward action; as Aristotle teaches, we are what we habitually do so that excellence is not a single act but, instead, a habit of being. 

By making learning and doing a daily habit, the community of teachers and students at Delbarton take on this challenge whether it is developing a year-long freshmen project, re-enacting the historical trial of Louis XIV as sophomores, shooting off rockets in AP physics as juniors, or designing and marketing their own inventions in the senior Incubator course.  Go ahead and put your talents to use and learn to do.


Succisa virescit -- "Once cut down, it grows back stronger."

The Delbarton motto...simple but powerful.  Our young men learn that life is not always easy but that everything rewarding comes through challenge.  It is by challenging ourselves that we learn who we are and why we are.  But for this to work, Delbarton has designed its community INTENTIONALLY, knowing that adolescents who trust much, grow much. In other words, if a young person feels both KNOWN and WANTED among his peers and mentors, they will feel safe enough to take chances and accept challenges, try new things, explore talents and passions, and ultimately learn about themselves and their world. 

With this kind of trusting and supportive school environment at Delbarton, possibilities are endless and potential is made actual.  Delbarton even has a designated an honor celebrating these very qualities -- the Michael Cerasia Award -- given to a sophomore in recognition of  his demonstrated strength and resiliency.


Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor.  (Romans 12:10) 

We are our brother's keepers and revel in worldly engagement.   As iron sharpens iron, our characters are forged through experience and we encourage our students to embrace experience.  Delbarton young men work and play, compete and celebrate, sing and pray as one body with many unique parts.  What aspirations and gifts could you bring to this type of community?  You see, we conceive education as a sacred mission undertaken together.  It is a mission unfolding in our science labs and art studios, musical stages and athletic fields, at school celebrations and at the church altar.  When we embrace the strengths and weaknesses of one another in our daily settings, we are reminded that we are all made to win.