Application Procedure


The admission season runs from September to January of a given academic year.  Applicants typically apply in the fall prior to their year of enrollment.  Students usually apply to Delbarton for acceptance into the seventh or ninth grades.  A few openings may be available every year in grades eight, ten and eleven.  Delbarton does not accept students into grade twelve or mid-year transfers into any grade.

A student’s candidacy for admission will be considered only after he completes, in any given order, the following three steps:

  1. Online application (must be started by November 30)
  2. School Interview (offered on campus on Saturday mornings from early September through December)
  3. Entrance Exam (on campus on November 6 and December 4)

The Admissions Committee meets formally in mid-January to accept, waitpool or decline students for grades seven and nine.  Action on students for grade eight, ten and eleven takes place between February and June.  Our deadlines for these transfer applicants are more flexible, however, allowing us to consider such requests on a rolling basis as spaces become available.


Simply click the “Apply Now” button in the upper right of this page to begin your application for admission.

You will be taken to an online site called SchoolAdmin where you will be asked to complete the application, the family questionnaire, choose the dates for your admissions interview and entrance exam, and request teacher recommendations.  All parts of the application must be completed by December 10


During each of the two Saturday morning entrance examinations, while student applicants are taking the exam, Delbarton holds for parents and interested guests an information program from 9:00-10:30am in our Fine Arts Center auditorium, where members of our Delbarton community speak about the Delbarton Experience and answer questions about our school. 

On our Saturday morning interview days, either before or after the student and parent have their interview with a member of our Admissions Committee, families may take a tour of our campus and buildings, led by a Student Ambassador.

Finally, candidates usually spend a day at Delbarton School attending classes with a representative of our School Host program.  However, this program has been discontinued for the 2021-22 admission year as a precautionary measure to ensure proper social distancing on the campus and in the classroom buildings.

For information on our visitor policy, please click here.


Delbarton School normally accepts a small number of students every year to 8th, 10th and 11th grades. The process is independent of the process for the 7th and 9th grades. Delbarton does not accept into the 12th grade or mid-year applicants to any grade.  Finally, please note that financial aid is often limited for transfer applicants.

Information for those interested in applying to transfer into Delbarton School for the 8th, 10th or 11th grades is as follows:

1) Students apply during the academic year (September to June) prior to the September in which they wish to enroll.

2) The online application is available at by clicking on the “Apply Online” tab.

3) Students should complete Parts I and II of the online application and provide our office with paper copies of their high school transcripts and any high school standardized test scores.

(Our office will request official transcripts and letters of recommendation only when we know there will be transfer openings AND that the applicant is determined to be a strong fit for an available opening.)

4) Selected applicants at some point between February and June may then be invited to continue the application process by spending a day at Delbarton attending classes and interviewing with a member of our Admissions Committee.

5) All transfer applicants and their families are encouraged to attend our Open House or one of our two Entrance Exam programs in the fall where they will NOT take the exam but, instead, remain in the Fine Arts Center auditorium to listen to a 90-minute information session about Delbarton.

6) All transfer admission decisions are made by June.

Application Procedure


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