Delbarton offers a wide range of courses designed to give the student a comprehensive and in-depth background in the liberal arts in preparation for his college years. Most courses are required; some electives are offered in the eleventh and twelfth grades.

The requirements for graduation are: four credits of English, Mathematics and Theology; three credits of History (World and U.S. History); three credits of Science (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics); three credits of a single foreign language; one and three quarter credits of Fine and Performing Arts; one and one half credits of Physical Education and Health; and one quarter credit of Computer Science.

Students are required to take a minimum of 6.5 credits each year and up to a maximum of 7.5 credits. Graduation depends upon successful completion of all the above requirements.

In the Middle School, a student is required to complete successfully: two credits of English, Mathematics, World Language, Science, Humanities, and Theology; one credit of Physical Education/Health; one credit of a music ensemble; one half credit of  Computer Science and one half credit of Art.  Progression into the Upper School depends upon the successful completion of all of these requirements.

The Curriculum Guide is for informational purposes only. By listing a course, Delbarton School does not guarantee that the course will be offered each year. No agent of the school is authorized to guarantee admission to a particular course, or guarantee that a student will have a particular teacher, or guarantee that a student will take a course in a particular semester. Delbarton School reserves the right to cancel any course or change faculty. It also reserves the right to change policies stated in the Curriculum Guide.