Communication Center

COmmunication Center

Welcome to the Delbarton Communication Center!

Across the disciplines, Delbarton students are expected to give oral presentations, participate in class debates and discussions, and utilize digital media to convey their ideas orally. We believe that being able to articulate ideas out loud helps students become better thinkers, students, and citizens. The Communication Center seeks to help students display their critical thinking and analytical skills using the spoken word.

To that end, the Communication Center is available during M block to help students with any stage of the process of preparing for a presentation, debate, or discussion. Talking through ideas during the preparation process is key, so students are welcome to come for a brainstorming session. Beyond the beginning stages, the Center also serves as a resource for students looking for constructive feedback on their public speaking and argumentation skills. By helping students reflect on their ideas and performances, we hope that through dialogue they will gain a better understanding of how to effectively express their ideas, think on their feet, and engage in productive and persuasive speech and dialogue on their ideas.

The Communication Center is open Monday-Friday during M block through Mr. Mengisteab's zoom link - (, password "delbarton"). Please email Mr. Mengisteab for a M-Block appointment (