Academic Support

academic support

Delbarton matches its challenging academic program with multiple tiers of academic support.  From classroom teachers to resource centers and peer tutors, the Delbarton brotherhood creates a support system for all of our students.

Classroom Teachers

Classroom teachers are available for extra help during two specific periods out of the school day: homeroom and lunch flex.  In addition, our teachers constantly make themselves available when possible before and after school and during free periods.  

Learning Specialist

Rob Flynn, M.A. LDTC, works one on one and with groups of students before, during, and after the school day.  He coordinates the needs for students with educational plans and provides academic intervention to specific students when needed.  

Alumni Mentor Program

Alumni teaching fellows are responsible for managing this after-school program.  Open to all students, the alumni mentor program offers time management, organizational, and test preparation skills.  Teaching fellows, a post-graduate position for Delbarton alumni, are uniquely equipped to advise our students on navigating the rigors of Delbarton’s academic program.    

Resource centers

Our two academic resource centers are open to students from 7:30-4:00 every day.  Each one is staffed by a faculty member to provide a structured environment to facilitate individual tutoring, peer tutoring, and executive functioning skills.  Rooms are conveniently located between the student center and the library.

Malone Math and Science Resource Center

The purpose of the Math Center is to give students of all ages the best possible position to become proficient in mathematics and successful in the classroom. In addition to simply scoring well on class assessments, we aim to ensure that all students who seek help become logical thinkers. Those who come to the Delbarton Math Center will find an engaging community that goes above and beyond in ensuring that all students understand what they are learning in the classroom.

Stefanick Writing Resource Center

Our goal is to support students at all stages of the writing process — from understanding prompts and brainstorming argumentative ideas, to dissecting citation styles and editing final drafts — in order to help foster a community of confident academic writers and critical thinkers. Students who come to the Delbarton Writing Center will find an inclusive and welcoming environment where boys from all grade levels are invited to engage in dialogue related to their various writing projects across the disciplines.

Communications Center

Across the disciplines, Delbarton students are expected to give oral presentations, participate in class debates and discussions, and utilize digital media to convey their ideas orally. We believe that being able to articulate ideas out loud helps students become better thinkers, students, and citizens. An extension of our successful forensics program, The Communication Center is open during homeroom to help students display their critical thinking and analytical skills using the spoken word.