Delbarton School seeks to foster a love of learning and challenges young men to know themselves and to find ways to extend their capacities for their own benefit and for the benefit of the community.

Delbarton School offers a traditional college-preparatory liberal arts curriculum which seeks to help the young man develop the knowledge, skills, integrity, and sensitivity which distinguish a self-renewing educated person. Thus, focusing on the content and modes of inquiry appropriate to the individual academic disciplines, the faculty, while encouraging young men to strive for high standards of intellectual performance and to assume responsibility for gaining both knowledge and judgment, seek to help them acquire:

  • The ability to shape a thought, to speak, and to write precisely and cogently;
  • An understanding and critical appreciation of the ways in which knowledge of nature, human kind, and the universe is gained through experimental and quantitative methods of analysis;
  • Skills in a language and sensitivity toward a culture other than their own;
  • A critical understanding of the historical forces that have shaped the world and the United States in particular;
  • An informed acquaintance with some modes of literary, artistic, and musical expression as well as canons of criticism appropriate to each;
  • An ability to reason logically and abstractly and to develop manipulative skills in mathematics;
  • The logic, language, and skills necessary to use products of modern technology;
  • Experience in structured and concentrated physical activity and a familiarity with key issues that affect physical well-being;
  • Knowledge of the doctrine, scriptural interpretation, ethical system and historical development of the Roman Catholic Church;
  • And an appreciation for the history and the spirituality of the Benedictine order.

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