Safe Environment

Safe EnvironmeNt



Letter from the abbot and headmaster


Vigilantly protecting the safety and welfare of St. Mary's Abbey worshipers, guests, and Delbarton School students, is at the forefront of everything we do. Nothing is more important as we seek to uphold the trust you place in us.

Our child-protection policies and procedures are vetted by local and state authorities and conform to New Jersey state law. In addition to our rigorous employment screening practices, every St. Mary's Abbey and Delbarton School employee is required to take annual SafeSchools training programs and seminars on Prevention and Informed Responsiveness to Claims of Abuse and Harassment.

This Safe Environment hub offers our policies, procedures and key contacts at St. Mary’s Abbey and Delbarton School, including

  • Policies for St. Mary's Abbey and Delbarton School on harassment, abuse, bullying and hazing.
  • Employment Screening and Onboarding Practices at St. Mary's Abbey and Delbarton School.
  • Reporting a safety concern, threat, or claim of abuse, bullying, or harassment
  • Campus Security, Staff and Visitor Policy

Our intention is to do all in our power to protect and guard the safety of every member of our community. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on the policies and procedures described here.

Abbot Richard Cronin, O.S.B.                                                                 Fr. Michael Tidd, O.S.B
(973) 538-3235                                                                                       (973) 538-3231 x3020                                                                   



anti-abuse, harassment, hazing & Bullying policy


St. Mary’s Abbey and Delbarton School take abuse, harassment, hazing and bullying seriously. The Abbey and School have a zero tolerance policy for abusive behavior of any kind by students, employees, or members of the monastic community.

Click here for our anti-abuse, harassment, hazing and bullying policy as it appears in the Delbarton School Student Handbook.

Click here for our anti-abuse, harassment, hazing and bullying policy as it appears in the St. Mary's Abbey and Delbarton School Employee Handbook.


Employment Screening

Employment Screening and Policy Updating Practices


At St. Mary's Abbey and Delbarton School, each new employee is required to:

  • Be fingerprinted according to New Jersey Department of Education requirements.
  • Pass a New Jersey Department of Education background check that uses the national F.B.I. crime database.

At St. Mary's Abbey and Delbarton School, each employee is annually required to:

  • Complete successfully comprehensive SafeSchools training program.

  • Read and acknowledge by signature the Faculty and Student Handbooks, as well as Delbarton’s Emergency Action Plan and the Hallmarks of a Benedictine School.

All St. Mary's Abbey and Delbarton School employees are annually required to take SafeSchools’ Child Abuse Prevention module, as well as courses on preventing harassment, intimidation and bullying, understanding diversity, emergency first aid, and blood-borne pathogen response.


report A CLAIM

Everyone in the St. Mary's Abbey and Delbarton School community is encouraged to report a safety concern or threat.  Delbarton uses the Safeschools Alert Tip Reporting System.

There are FOUR easy ways to report:

Visit the website:
Email your tip to:
Call to report your tip: 973.355.7114
Text your tip to: 973.355.7114

Alternately, you can make a report to any of the Abbey or School officials listed on our "Contact Us" tab.

You can now submit tips via the Safeschools Alert App for Android or Apple smartphones.  Choose the corresponding app store below to download the app. 

To submit tips, enter the following code in the app when prompted: 1741





Campus Security

campus security


Delbarton School contracts with Global Mark Security to provide armed security guards for the Delbarton campus. Routinely, the guards police the campus, screen visitors and generally ensure a safe school environment. All of our guards have been vetted by Global Mark Security and the Delbarton administration.  

Guards are on duty on all days that school is in session between the hours of 7:30 AM and 6:30 PM. Additionally, Delbarton Guards will be present for large school events, Summer Camp and Summer School.

Our security staff includes:

Glen Ostlund

Glen is a 25-year veteran of the Millburn Police Department.

Scott Carrell

Scott is a 25-year veteran of the New York Police Department.

Pat Iannuzzelli

Pat is a 25-year veteran of the Essex County Corrections Department



  • Visitors must sign in at the reception desk at the main entrance of Trinity Hall and receive a visitor's pass from the receptionist.
  • Visitors must leave their car keys with the receptionist in exchange for a visitor's pass.
  • Visitors must specify the purpose of their visit and their destination(s) on campus.
  • Visitors must return the visitor's pass and sign out when they leave campus.
  • Children who are not enrolled at Delbarton School are not allowed to be on campus, unless prior approval of the Headmaster or his designee has been obtained.​​​​​​​


Contact Us


contact us


If you have any questions on these St. Mary's Abbey and Delbarton School policies, or would like to report an incident of abuse, harassment, bullying or any other safety risk, we encourage you to contact:


St. Mary's Abbey 

Abbot Richard Cronin, O.S.B.
(973) 538-3235 x3001

Fr. Edward Seton Fittin, O.S.B., Prior
(973) 538-3235 x2036


Delbarton School

Fr. Michael Tidd, O.S.B., Headmaster
(973) 538-3231 x3020

Chuck Ruebling, Assistant Headmaster
(973) 538-3231 x3028

Dr. Matthew D'Urso, Dean of Guidance
(973) 538-3231 x3013