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Delbarton Summer School Goes Virtual!

Dear Friends,

Delbarton Summer School is going virtual! We are pleased to announce that our summer school will be entirely online for the first time in its history. Along with our current offerings, we are excited to present some brand new courses for our inaugural virtual summer. These new courses are: Young Writers’ Workshop; Themes in Literature and Art; World War II; Bridge to AP World History; Financial Literacy; Entrepreneurial Studies; High School Literature Workshop; Scripting with Python; Spanish Boot Camp; Italian Essentials Boot Camp; French Essentials Boot Camp.  We have assembled outstanding educators who are experts in their fields and well-versed in the delivery of virtual instruction.

We anticipate an exciting daily schedule. Advanced credit courses can expect at least three hours of instruction with built in break time. Enrichment classes will meet for at least an hour per day. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone anywhere to take classes whether they be at home, on vacation, or in transit. 

The staff will update the summer website with any changes, cancellations, and information as new guidelines from the state are released related to book purchasing and course requirements.

Thank you all for your dedication to the Delbarton Summer Programs!


John Thompson

Delbarton Summer School Director