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Welcome to the Ryan Crane '95 Business Center

This fall, Delbarton unveiled an impressive new tool for learning that offers nearly limitless potential: welcome to the Ryan Crane '95 Business Center...

This fall, thanks to generous parent and friend sponsors, Delbarton unveiled an impressive new tool for learning that offers nearly limitless potential: welcome to the Ryan Crane '95 Business Center which features twelve Bloomberg terminals and one large flat screen display. The Ryan Crane '95 Business Center, located in FAC 169, is named in honor of a Delbarton alumnus who graduated in 1995 and will be officially dedicated this spring. AP Macroeconomics teacher Tom Brady was instrumental in bringing this exciting new technology to Delbarton to integrate the Bloombergs into the Delbarton technology platform and his course curriculum.

Enjoy these photos from a recent visit...

What is a 'Bloomberg'? Bloomberg Professional Service is the world's leading business and financial information network, offering integrated real time data, news and analytics. With multi-media content and a global reach, Bloomberg, launched by Michael Bloomberg in 1981, has revolutionized the world of global communications.

While Bloomberg is a standard in the world of business and media, the Service also organically migrated to top business schools around the world. Delbarton is one of only a dozen or so high schools in the world to access this data-rich treasure trove.

Bloomberg Professional Service brings theory to life by offering real world applications. Its live market data builds student engagement and literally brings Wall Street into the classroom with the authenticity and urgency of those blinking, every-changing numbers.

Brady's 46 AP Macroeconomics students are currently using Bloomberg to execute projects that the boys themselves suggested, like taking a small country and doing a bottom to top economic analysis. Boys learn where to find data, how to extract the facts and numbers and how to manage them to build an authentic snapshot. Brady says their financial market awareness and literacy is growing by leaps and bounds as they sit transfixed in front of these dual-monitor monster data machines.

Do they enjoy using Bloomberg? It's 'amazing'...'awesome'...''incredible'...and the adjectives just keep coming. If you're fortunate to take a tour, note the art that Tom Brady has installed in the Center. Amidst photos of annual AP Econ visits to Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange, and striking images of Manhattan, we spotted a small poster that read "Keep Calm and We'll Print More" with Federal Reserve Bank crest. A little Wall Street humor for our budding financiers.

But wait, there's more. Bloomberg also offers a veritable law library to anyone with an interest in the law (calling all forensics students); for the politically plugged in student, Bloomberg has a fully integrated platform for global politics. Of course, the all-encompassing world of news and media is offered in a multi-media platform that, frankly, boggles the mind in its complexity and scope. Yet it's all here, in FAC Room 169 at Delbarton, packed into 12 stations just begging to be explored.

The first course to benefit from the Ryan Crane Business Center is Brady's AP Macroeconomics class, but we expect to see more to come. Members of the Business and Economics Club (over 50 boys) also have been using Bloomberg for extracurricular work: Preparing for the Euro Challenge, a national competition for 9th and 10th graders focusing on the Eurozone and the euro currency, researching economies of small business owners around the world who borrow money from the club through its microfinance platform, and analyzing individual stocks as part of competitive stock market simulations.

The day we visited the new Business Center, Brady was demonstrating the system for teacher Rob Flynn, who also serves as Technology Integration Specialist. You could actually see the wheels spinning as Flynn looked intensely excited about the Center's potential to expand the academic landscape at Delbarton.

Stay tuned for more news from Delbarton's latest secret weapon. Together with our senior-elective Incubator class, the school is distinguishing itself as the place to be for forward-thinking young men.