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Research in Science Club is Launched

Presenting our new Research in Science Club, designed to facilitate collaborative science research projects at Delbarton...

As a School that values innovation and excellence, Delbarton continues to add forward thinking assets and tools. Several recent examples include the Delbarton Incubator (a full credit senior elective focusing on entrepreneurship) and the Ryan Crane '95 Business Center with its twelve Bloomberg terminals. Science and technology are important aspects of this desire to innovate, which explains why having a club devoted to scientific research is such a perfect fit for our dynamic environment.

Presenting the Research in Science Club, a new group led by seniors Kevin Zhong '19, on left, and Alex Luo '19, center right, and sophomore William Li '22, center left, and moderated by Physics teacher Mr. Robert Bitler P'06,'09, far right, who also assists with our engineering and robotics program. The group gathered a core group of like-minded students to initiate a series of science research projects during the 2018-19 school year.

Projects range widely in scope, from algae biological research to investigation of running injuries (with a goal of reducing such injuries), to plotting efficacious pathways for artificially intelligent probes to follow in the future exploration of the Milky Way galaxy.

Club founders want to make ongoing, on-campus science research a part of daily Delbarton life. The boys also hope to make interesting discoveries as the projects mature, and to recruit guest speakers to address the entire Delbarton community. There will be opportunities for students to participate who cannot conduct a group research project, so stay tuned. Also, look for in-process project updates as our research teams make progress.

The student team came up with a perfect motto: IN THEOREMATE ID OPERATUR! Translation: In theory it works!