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Welcome to Our New Student Orientation Album!

August 26, 2019 was a busy day on campus, as Headmaster Michael Tidd, OSB, faculty, staff, experienced upperclassmen and parents welcomed 141 ninth graders into the Class of 2023, 39 seventh into the Class of 2025 and a lucky 13 transfer students into tenth and eleventh grades -- the Classes of 2022 and 2021 -- at Delbarton. All present and accounted for, sir!

By 8 am, campus was buzzing with excitement as boys were dropped off in the FAC  and mothers gathered for a formal program in the Garden presented by the Delbarton Mothers' Guild. Tonight, Delbarton fathers will enjoy a similar program in Old Main. The objective, in all cases, is to get everyone over the first day jitters and get down to the business of life at Delbarton.

New students were guided by older brothers, student leaders in jackets and ties who answered questions and helped the young men navigate around campus. We were blessed with a day that began with a chill in the air, then quickly segued into classic late August weather that bridged the gap between summer and fall.

The day included academic sessions on Resiliency, Great Expectations, Research in the Classroom, Day to Day Student Life, Tech Set Up and a Q&A with the Student Council. Mass in the Abbey Church was preceded by a brief tutorial on retreats and church protocol from Campus Ministers and Dr. David Hajduk and Mr. Matthew White from Campus Ministry. Finally, this group photo with the Green Wave flag was snapped, then it was off to the pool for the Class of 2025. Whew!   

Tomorrow, August 27, the 193 young men who took part in today's event are joined by their brothers in the eighth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth grades. To a man, they appear to be ready for takeoff as another dynamic school year launches at Delbarton.

Enjoy these favorite photos from our New Student Orientation 2019...