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Virtual Delbarton Video is Released

Watch our Virtual Delbarton video here...

On September 8, we began the first full week of classes at Delbarton with the same succisa virescit spirit we demonstrated last spring while navigating Covid-19. Cut down by a global pandemic, we grew back stronger.

On February 28, Delbarton left for spring break -- and never returned to in-person classes. During the next five and a half months we created Virtual Delbarton, a well-received distance learning program that sustained Delbarton's academic quality while working just as hard to keep our community mentally healthy and connected.

Our students launched an online tutoring program, created a Virtual Science Fair that attracted over 600 presenters from around the state, hosted a virtual Delbarton Incubator Expo and generally took care of each other as the brothers they are. They even raised $63,000 for Covenant House with their Virtual Sleepout. Teachers invited guests speakers to adress their classes, and monitored far more than grades. They really cared how their students were doing during an incredibly challenging time for us all. Parents partnered with us to sheperd their sons through it all resilient and intact. We got through it together and, in fact, pivoted adeptly to sustain and improve our program. Alumni supported our students and the School, and contributed to a special video for the graduating Class of 2020. A Drive By Awards Ceremony and 8th Grade Celebration,  and an in-person Graduation, capped an unusual spring semester at Delbarton. 

No DelEx externship program due to Covid? No problem -- Tom Brady and team created an online Virtual DelEx platform that attracted 88 rising seniors and introduced them to 50 unique externship opportunities. In August, we cordially welcomed a whole new group of students and families to our growing community. 

The point is, we never quit. We didn't use a global pandemic as an excuse to fail or to do less. We saw it as an opportunity to do our best work, to show who we are.  When we were cut down, we actually grew back stronger. These are not just words. At Delbarton, our motto is our reality. 

Today, as we begin our first full week of classes for the 2020-21 school year, we introduce this short video to demonstrate how we did it, and why our spirits remain just as high as we embark on yet another pandemic-impacted term at Delbarton. We will use our Reopen Roadmap to guide us, and we will find the way. 

Delbarton can't predict the future, but we continue to do everything humanly possible to create a positive outcome for every member of our community. This video celebrates the succisa virescit ethos that continues to inspire us, regardless of the challenges.

Can we do this? Yes, we can