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Valentine Library Adds Exciting New Assets

Delbarton’s modern print and digital Valentine Library continues to grow and involve into an outstanding resource for teachers and students. Summer is the time for reorganization, and Delbarton Librarian Jon Kelly ’99 recently updated us on some exciting new Library research and current event resources. For example...

For enhanced research, educators and students now have access to these topical New Oxford Research Encyclopedias:

·         African History

·         American History

·         Anthropology

·         Asian History

·         Business and Management

·         Climate Science

·         Communication

·         Criminology and Criminal Justice

·         Economics and Finance

·         Education

·         Encyclopedia of Social Work

·         Environmental Science

·         Global Public Health

·         International Studies

·         Latin American History

·         Linguistics

·         Literature

·         Natural Hazard Science

·         Neuroscience

·         Oxford Classical Dictionary

·         Physics,

·         Planetary Science,

·         Politics

·         Psychology

·         Religion

Additionally, students and teachers can now access Oxford Biblical Studies Online (OBSO) and Oxford Islamic Studies Online (OISO).

From ABC-CLIO, the Valentine Library now offers research resources in

·         Modern Genocide

·         American Mosaic: The African American Experience

·         American Mosaic: The Latino American Experience

·         Health and Wellness Issues

Mr. Kelly has also added assets to the Delbarton Library Schoology group, creating handy, dedicated folders for specific topics that contain subject-specific resources in History, English, Science, Theology, World Languages, Art, and Physical Education. An added bonus: these resources can be copied into a specific class Schoology page, so an entire class will have easy access to a wide range of useful library resources.

Our Library’s Schoology page also offers a General Resources folder that contains all non-specific resources including links to NoodleTools, JSTOR, EBSCO, a directory of nearby public and academic libraries, Purdue OWL links, and APOSTLE/resource evaluation tools.

Delbarton also provides access to the daily The Wall Street Journal Online and The New York Times Online. Students, look for an email soon from Mr. Kelly on how to create a personal account to access these daily resources. Finally, Mr. Kelly encourages students and faculty members to contact him via email at with your specific resource requests. Kelly himself is a valuable library asset and a wonderful resource for all.

Stay tuned for more exciting news from the ever-growing, ever-improving Delbarton Library!