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This Week: 'Wave for Equity' Focuses on Racial Equity in Business

Today is the first day of winter term at Delbarton, and the perfect time to focus on an important topic plus have some fun together while doing it. Introducing Diversity Among Peers (DAP)’s Wave for Equity,  four evenings of game nights and speakers, including Delbarton alumni and others, to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion. The virtual event takes place this week from Monday thru Thursday, 7:00-9:00pm. Click here to join in on YouTube.

The goal is to raise awareness and activate our community about the disparity between minority and non-minority businesses. Attendees will hear from speakers – including Aynna Alleyne, Yelp Director of Social Media, and several Delbarton alumni -- while having fun together playing games like Among Us, Pictionary, Jackbox.TV and more.

Lemachi Enweremadu ‘21 is the driving force behind Wave for Equity and is assisted by a great team of his DAP peers.

He writes, “As a community that makes great strides in the future of society. I believe this event will enhance our cultural identity as a community. As an African American with a plan to go into business, sadly, I face the facts that I am disadvantaged. I am underprivileged. But I face these facts with Delbarton. Delbarton is home to groundbreaking achievement. Delbarton is home facilitating change. Through Delbarton, I face these unfortunate facts with unwavering hope.”

Please join Delbarton students this week as they focus on raising awareness of racial equity in business, while having fun together at the start of the winter term!