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Research in Science Club Hosts Two Experts in Modern Sonar Tranducers

On October 27, the Massa company gave a presentation about sonar and ultrasonics as a part of Delbarton’s Research in Science Club speaker series. The presentation was given by Don Massa (2nd generation Massa) and his daughter Dawn Massa (3rd generation Massa);  Don Massa’s father Frank Massa is widely considered the father of modern sonar transducers. Massa specializes in sensors, transducers, and systems for air, water, and chemical environments.

Don Massa is a co-founder of Massa in its current state and both combines as an engineer and businessman. Massa has a degree in electrical engineering from Northeastern where he also served on their board of trustees for a decade. He has developed hundreds of designs that have moved the business forward and has written many papers along with patents. Most notable, the bowling pin reset system was invented by Don Massa, a device that is housed in every bowling alley across the world.  Massa is currently a board member and the CTO of Massa products which has come into its own in the field of electroacoustics. Dawn Massa is the CIO of Massa and tackles the business side of Massa with a master’s degree in psychology with a focus on Systems Dynamics and also a certificate in business from Harvard Business School. Marketing, development, and innovation all go Dawn’s direction in Massa’s business plan.

Don Massa began the presentation by talking about the basics of sound, and how sound acts as a wave. This was an important place to start because, in order to understand the workings of Massa’s products, you need to understand sound as a wave and how it behaves. Massa’s electroacoustic transducers produce sound waves that are then received by the device which converts sound waves into electrical data signals. One of Massa’s most prominent products is their oceanographic transducer and underwater SONAR sensor that analyzes the ocean floor. The SONAR was also linked to underwater animals that also use SONAR in the form of echolocation for communication.

Dawn Massa then talked about the business facet of Massa, Dawn integrates the products into the market and also works with young people for outreach programs. Dawn spoke to building connections between industrial consumer world and the Massa products. Dawn’s outreach consists of trying to get middle school to college students interested and excited about science, and make students aware of their career for the future. Dawn explained the importance of having a strong industrial and business side in order to build a successful business and company.

The Research in Science thanks Massa for taking the time to give a well enriched presentation. The student body greatly appreciated the presentation and learned a lot from the talk. The presentation will hopefully open doors and spark interest for Delbarton student in the future.