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2021 One Acts Festival Reimagined as Radio Dramas

The Delbarton Arts One Acts Festival is underway with a unique Covid twist -- all four student-produced one act plays will be available available as radio dramas on most podcast platform, and the goal is to release them by April 30.

After school on April 14, we found teams of writers/producers and actors making great use of the five new Group Study spaces in St. Benedict Hall using the rooms' technology to create audio versions of the original plays. The production teams include...

 New York State of Mind - written and directed by Patrick Smart '21, sound design and editing assistance by Gina Marasco '21 (Morristown High School). After the tragic death of their father, the Budd Family is greeted by an unexpected Thanksgiving visitor who reminds them that sticking together as a family is more important than their differences.

Run, Robert, Run - written and directed by Gina Marasco '21 (Morristown High School), sound design and editing assistance by Wan Virtudazo '23While under his brother, Brady's care, the Glennbrook family's golden child mysteriously vanishes and Brady turns to a quirky true crime podcast to try to make it right and reunite his family.

Nos in Diem Vivimus - written and directed by Hayden Kim '22, sound design and editing assistance by Tony Fajardo '21. A determined President, his fierce Press Secretary, and the rest of his White House staff are faced with a terrorist attack on the Golden Gate Bridge, causing intrigue and anxieties at home and abroad.

The Fish-Off - written and directed by Jack Tobin '22, sound design and editing assistance by Trevor Ritchie '21. The Merrills are having a family fishing trip, but when the overly-competitive oldest son, Johnny, proposes a kids vs. parents fishing contest, bonds start to get tested.

Stay tuned for updates on the release date of our 2021 One Act Festival radio dramas!