Christopher Nixon Cox Visits Delbarton

Christopher Nixon Cox Visits Delbarton

On Friday, December 10, the grandson of the 37th United States president Richard M. Nixon, Mr. Christopher Nixon Cox, spoke at Delbarton. Cox is the son of Nixon’s daughter Tricia Nixon Cox and Edward F. Cox.

After meeting Mr. Cox at an Admissions Open House two years ago, Delbarton History teacher Mr. Kevin Conn discussed with him the possibility of one day speaking at Delbarton School about his memories of his grandfather, one of the most important figures of the 20th Century.

Cox visited campus to address the History Club, a popular group moderated by Mr. John Thompson that frequently hosts guest speakers, presentations and events. Other interested parties from the School community were cordially invited to attend Friday’s event as well.

With over 50 students and faculty filling Spada Commons, Cox offered listeners some interesting background details and anecdotes about his grandfather. A Princeton graduate with a law degree from NYU, he also spoke about his career as a New York lawyer and financial advisor, and how his professional life lead him to serve on the Board of Directors of the Nixon Foundation.

Aware of the near-mythic reputation of his grandfather in the media and in the annals of history, Cox noted that he is always open to discussing the Nixon legacy.  A Q&A session followed, attracting some excellent questions from students and faculty members. Cox remained for nearly an hour after the official event time to respond to the many questions from curious attendees.

“To see students stay until almost 5:00 pm to talk to Mr. Cox was truly refreshing, particularly on a Friday afternoon at an event where students were not bound to be there for any reason,” remarked Thompson.

The Delbarton community thanks Mr. Cox for sharing his memories of his presidential grandfather, and for taking the time to answer questions at Delbarton.