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'Middle School Magazine' Issue is Live!

This week, Delbarton Middle Schoolers released the first issue of Middle School Magazine for the 2021-2022 school year.

This well-produced digital publication features articles about serious topics like Afghanistan, Hurricane Ida, climate change and Green Wave football. The issue also features a passionate opinion piece on 'The Comeback of Sage Dining' that conveys an enthusiastic response to Sage Dining's post-Covid cuisine. Gone are excess packaging containers and social distancing in the gym. Back are the panini press, pasta bar, bagel toaster, nuggets and fries that are, evidentally, the earthly equivalent of boy heaven. And don't forget to save room for dessert...freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, banana bread and even funfetti cake await the ravenously hungry young men in the Estabrook Dining Hall. 

This year's expert editorial team includes Gavin Guo, Grady Gore, Jeffery Liu, Finn Maguire, Sam Marsheh and Tyler Snider, all proud members of the eighth grade Class of 2026, and we commend them for their hard work. Their first issue also includes riddles, and here are two examples:

R: Why does Europe resemble a frying pan?

A. It has Greece at the bottom.

R: What is red and smalls like blue paint?

A: Red paint.

Who doesn't love a good middle school riddle?  For more excellent reporting and opining, click here to access Volume 1 of this year's Middle School Magazine. We look forward to sharing more issues from this talented team and their ace reporters.

First page of the PDF file: 2021SeptemberIssueMSMagazine1