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Kevin Conn Receives 2019 Trustee Award

On the evening of August 29 at the Faculty and Staff Picnic, Delbarton educator Kevin Conn received the 2019 Trustee Award from Headmaster Fr. Michael Tidd, OSB.

This year, Conn begins his 26th year at Delbarton School after graduating from Williams College Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a BA in History and Theatre.

He is a multi-faceted educator. In his Delbarton career, Conn has taught AP US History, German levels I through AP, World Religion, 8th Grade Religious Studies, Heroes of Faith, Theater, European History. As a Delbarton Summer program faculty member, he has instructed co-ed summer students in a course on the Civil War and in SAT Prep.

History Department Chair John Thompson says, “Kevin is one of the most knowledgeable teachers in our department, and one of the most successful AP teachers at Delbarton.”

Outside of the classroom, Conn has moderated our German Exchange with students in secondary school in Germany for the past 25 years, monitored SADD, the German Club (an annual highlight is a cooking course and dinner at The Black Forest Inn), Social Justice Committee, Honor Code Committee and the Council of Seniors. He served as Theater Director and Theater Technical Director and is involved in community theater as both actor and singer.

His favorite Delbarton memory comes from his second year as a Delbarton teacher. He had a Lab mix 'imported' from a teaching job in Austria, and lived on campus at the time so students often saw him walking his dog -- they appreciated that he spoke to him in German. In March of that year, his canine friend died of complications from Lyme's disease, and Conn was grief-stricken.

Two weeks later, on April 1, a German II student walked into class late. Before he could reprimand the boy for tardiness, Conn noticed the puppy in the student's arms. "We all got this for you," the student said, as he carefully handed Conn his new pet. "To this day, the memory brings tears to my eyes, "Conn says. "This incident confirmed vividly what I already knew: Delbarton is a special place to teach because the boys themselves are exemplary. These students saw a teacher who was in pain and did the best possible thing to demonstrate they understood and cared."

Somehow, Conn also finds the time for some intriguing hobbies. He has a passion for living history presentations that include reenactments. Crossing the Delaware with Washington's troops at Christmas time is annual tradition, and occasionally he recruits Delbarton students to participate. Conn is an avid collector of antique guns and firearms, and vintage music boxes.

What is the best part about being a teacher at Delbarton? Conn says it is the students. "They are here to learn, to challenge and be challenged in thoughtful ways. Every day, it's a joy to go the classroom."

The Delbarton community congratulates Kevin Conn, our 2019 Trustee Award recipient, on his robust twenty-six year career at Delbarton.