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Jack Benitez '21 Selected for Colllegeboard 2021 Art Exhibition

When Delbarton is called to create, our art students answer that call. Jack Benitez ’21 is proof of this as he had one of his Sustained Investigation artworks selected for the ColllegeBoard 2021 Art and Design Digital Exhibition.

While at Delbarton, Benitez created a 14 x 11 inch piece where he used mixed media and a variety of textures to create a sense of depth, color and movement throughout. He used with oil-based inks, dried plan material, and silver foil as he transfer images onto his surface using a printmaking technique known as chine colle. Upon graduating Delbarton, Benitez is now a freshman at College of the Holy Cross.

Mr. Domenico Rodi, a Delbarton art teacher, and had the pleasure of guiding Benitez through his journey as an artist at Delbarton. Rodi reports that the Sustained Investigation project allowed his AP Art students to reflect and connect deeper with what they were creating; "The students in my class were very independent and very self-motivated. As they began the planning and production of their Sustained Investigations, I had them focus on writing down their artistic intentions, encouraging them to question their decisions, to look at other artists’ work, and really think and talk about the choices they were making."

Having one of our students feature in the CollegeBoard Art and Design Digital Exhibit is a first for Delbarton Art’s as students are always inspired to take risks and explore new mediums as they get to creating. “Delbarton School's Fine Arts program encourages students from a wide range of backgrounds and with diverse interests to explore their ideas and express them in multiple media,” said Headmaster Fr. Michael Tidd, OSB as he explained how Delbarton's Fine Arts Program is  a transformative elective which also fulfills the arts academic requirement.

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