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"If It's Free, Then You're the Product": Financial Lessons from Tim Freeman P'21

On Tuesday evening, February 9, Mr. Tim Freeman P'21 shared his financial markets expertise with AP Macroeconomics students, Investment Club members, and Business and Economics Club members. Mr. Freeman spoke at the invitation of Mr. Tom Brady P'22, AP Macro teacher and Business and Economics Club moderator. 

Using dramatic current market cases like GameStop as a backdrop, Mr. Freeman explained the anatomy of a trade and discussed short-selling and settlement mechanics.  Students learned about counterparty risk and high-frequency trading in the financial marketplace, and Mr. Freeman also found time for some important life lessons, illustrating the importance of relationships and trust and the pitfalls of thinking something is free ("If it's free, then you're the product!"). 

Here is Freeman's slide explaining how Robinhood, the financial services company that (according to its website) is "on a mission to democratize finance for all" monetizes user information and behavior.

We thank Mr. Freeman for his words of wisdom (example: "the financial markets are not a video game, boys") and for showing us what a true professional he is.