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French Club Hosts Virtual King Cake Baking Class

This has not been easy year for French Club organizers. The popular club typically features a variety of events and activities throughout the year, many of which naturallement feature food. As moderator Maureen Pearsall points out, "Club members have a particular affinity for eating and doing so together is impossible with a mask." But you can't keep a good club moderator down!

In honor of Mardi Gras, Pearsall decided to get creative and on the President's Day holiday, hosted a King Cake baking session via  Zoom during which she, Will Ritter '22 and Jalen Pierre '23 got baking.  Another club member, Connor Teehan '21, baked a King Cake on his own and shared photos. 

In advance of the Zoom meeting, Pearsall had posted the recipe and asked students to purchase the necessary ingredients. For about two hours, the three bakers navigated the recipe step-by-step to create a collection of impressive King Cakes. See the steps and final creations here...

Pearsall says, "If the weather and Covid permit it, I will cut, individually wrap and share the cake with my students tomorrow for them to enjoy some semblance of a Mardi Gras holiday."

With the help of two more Club members, juniors Christian Carbeau '22 and Nicholas Perry '22, she also decorated the third floor of Trinity Hall and her classroom for Mardi Gras. Proof that even during a pandemic Global Delbarton and, specifically, the Delbarton French Club, will not be thwarted!