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Delbarton Welcomes Fifteen New Teachers and Staff Members

This school year, Delbarton welcomes fifteen new teaches and staff members and we are pleased to introduce them here.

In the picture above, from left to right, are...

George Lebrenz earned a BFA from UNC School of the Arts and is our new Theater Technical Director                       

Matt Leotti '06 earned his BA at Bowdoin College, teaches Physical Education & Health and serves as an Asstistant Coach, Football,  Assistant Coach in Basketball and an Assistant Coach in Outdoor Track

Brenden Dimmig earned an MS  and a BA from the University of North Texas. Brendan teaches English and is an Assistant Coach in Forensics.

Adam Carlisle earned an MTS from The Catholic University of America, an MA from University of Dallas and a BA from Houghton College. He teaches History and is Co-Moderator of the Forensics program.

Peter O'Connell earned an MA from University of Notre Dame du Lac and a BA from St. Anselm College. He is Moderator of the Science Research Club and Assistant Coach in Tennis.

Jennifer Otterbein earned an MA from University of Chile and a BA from College of William and Mary. She is a teacher of Theology and assists Dr. David Hajduk in the Campus Ministry.

Aidan Mehigan earned an MS from the University of Pennsylvania, an M.St. from the University of Oxford and a BA from Columbia University. He teaches Mathematics and serves as Moderator of the Math Club.

Victoria Goddard earned an MA from Edge Hill University and a BS from Queen Mary University, London. She teaches Mathematics and manages the Math Resource Center.  

Dan Di Meo earned a BA from Dickinson College and an MA from NYU. He teaches World Languages (French and Italian), is an Assistant Coach in Soccer and is Co-Moderator of our Operation Smile chapter.

Matt Crane earned an MA from New York University and a BA from Gettysburg College. He teaches Mathematics and Science, and is Head Coach of Middle School Baseball.

Tony Diaz earned a BA from Rutgers University. He teaches Computer Science, is an Assistant Coach for Cross Country and the Computer Lab Supervisor.

Yaiza Dominguez earned an MA from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, an MA from University of Barcelona and a BA from University of Burgos. She teaches World Languages (French and Spanish), is Co-Moderator of our Operation Smile chapter, Assistant on the Archway yearbook and Co-Moderator of the Photography Club.

Daniel McHale earned a BS from King's College. He teaches Mathematics and Computer Science, is an Assistant Coach in Cross Country and an Assistant Coach in Winter Track.

Alma Lopez-Holder earned an MA and BA at St. Peter's University. She teaches World Languages (Spanish) and assists with the Swim team.

Robert Kearn earned an MS at Seton Hall University and a BA from Virginia Tech. He joins Delbarton as a full-time Athletic Trainer. 

The Delbarton community extends a cordial welcome to our fifteen new colleagues and wishes them the best of luck as they begin their new roles on campus!