Delbarton Students Volunteer in Honduras

Delbarton Students Volunteer in Honduras

Delbarton students are called to serve within and outside our community. In July, a group of four Delbarton students volunteered at School the World. Vincent Maurizi '24, Kear O’Malley '24, Reid Comeaux '24, and Quinn Kenny ’23 joined the World Changers team this summer as School the World led several summer student service programs in Honduras.

School the World is located in rural southern Honduras in Montecristo, San Francisco de Coray.

The 10-day trip to Honduras began on July 11 when Delbarton students arrived to attend a community welcoming ceremony. Our young men worked alongside other student volunteers all week until July 17, working with school staff to construct a school for local children. While in Honduras, the volunteers were able to take a break to visit the beach in Choluteca and enjoy dinners in San Lorenzo.

To prepare for the mission, for four weeks prior to the trip students attended weekly zoom calls that presented lessons about the Honduran culture and history led by the School the World staff. Students also were provided with training packets and fundraising ideas. Our young men employed a number of variations on fundraising tactics before the trip. Each student group funded 50% of the school and/or playground and helps to support the majority of School the World’s in-country programming. Methods ranged from student-manned donation stands outside of local grocery stores, hosting their very own Jersey tomato stand, to multiple bake sales, and gaining support from families and friends. These fundraising efforts underwrote teacher training, parent programs, and the distribution of learning materials. In addition, some of the students provided a large donation of school supplies, including lined paper, glue sticks, markers, crayons, bubbles, playing cards, and some Lego kits.

We salute Vincent, Kear, Reid, and Quinn for their commitment to changing the world for children and families in Honduras.