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AP Artist Spotlight: Ryan Smith '21

This year, Delbarton is blessed with seventeen artists in the Class of 2021. To give each of these talented young men the audience he deserves, we are highlighting each artist with a quotation from his artist's statement, a sample of his art and a link to his digital portfolio.

Our thirteenth featured artist is Ryan Smith '21 who says this about his art: "...I construct my own library of work, filled with entries of which now mostly consist of my sustained investigation. In my current work, my goal is to elicit the theme of consumerism through the linear arrangement of mass-produced candies; additionally, stark highlights increase the animation and journey the eye throughout. At its inception, I portrayed the subject realistically and in a hyper-detailed manner, but as I enter the experimentation phase, I am working to evoke the impression of my investigation’s theme rather than clear delineation of the concept."

Below a sample of Ryan's art: "Pop!" Oil and Caulk on Canvas, 18 in. x 24 in...

-- and here is the link to his digital portfolio!