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AP Artist Spotlight: Andrew Rasmussen '21

This year, Delbarton is blessed with seventeen artists in the Class of 2021. To give each of these talented young men the audience he deserves, we are highlighting each artist with a quotation from his artist's statement, a sample of his art and a link to his digital portfolio.

Our twelfth featured artist is Andrew Rasmussen '21 who says this about his art: "Photography is quite different from any other art form, especially photojournalism. There is no eraser, no technique to cover over mistakes. Just a shutter button and my subject. Time flies by in a blink of an eye. And a miss of click can never be replicated. Through the viewfinder, I gradually learned that I was capturing others’ emotions, attitudes, and mannerisms. A lesson I eventually learned through photojournalism is that I have no influence over my work. My personal emotions do not matter. While the angle, lighting, and technique used to take the shot is dependent on myself, the work itself is expressed solely by my subject. Good photojournalism is a narrative in its own right. I hope that in viewing my images, these stories can be related to you."

Below a sample of Andrew's art: "Unbreakable" Digital Photograph, 24" x 36"

-- and here is the link to his digital portfolio!