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AP Art Spotlight: Colin Sutter '21

This year, Delbarton is blessed with seventeen artists in the Class of 2021. To give each of these talented young men the audience he deserves, we are highlighting each artist with a quotation from his artist's statement, a sample of his art and a link to his digital portfolio.

Our fifteenth featured artist is Colin Stutter '21 who says this about his art:
"My Sustained Investigation focuses on the concept of the “recipe box,” a collection of handwritten recipe cards that hold some of the most essential dishes integral to my family’s traditions. From Christmas Eve Bouillabaisse to birthday Hungarian Cabbage Rolls, I deconstructed these recipes, showcasing the individual ingredients. These forms are carefully orchestrated to transcend the generic table still life -- although they are reminiscent of an Old-Master style, I sought to inject familiar elements that transform the seemingly random collection of ingredients into what they represent: a family recipe."

Below a sample of Collin's art: "Bouillabaisse" Oil Pastel on toned collaged paper, 30" x 30"...

-- and here is the link to his digital portfolio!