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A Walk in the Park...And First Place in Nokia Bell Labs Science Fair

This March, five Delbarton students competed in the 2021 Nokia Bell Labs North Jersey Regional Science Fair. Presentations and judging took place in several rounds throughout the month of March, a culmination of months of work for these dedicated young scientists.

At the final awards ceremony on Saturday, March 27, Ken Lyons, NJRSF Director commented on how this year’s fair exceeded his expectations because...“We had a normal load of projects in the fair despite the pandemic. I attribute this to the creativity and ingenuity of the students and the teachers who inspire them.” 

Among the young Delbarton researchers who submitted their work were...

Travis Ehrenberg '22 who submitted a project “Introduction of a Catalyst to Stimulate Insect Larvae Polystyrene Consumption” in the Environmental Science category. 

Matthew Sebastian '22 who submitted research on “Diagnosing Cancer with Artificial Intelligence” was in the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology category.

Anand Majmudar '22 who advanced to the second round of judging in the Behavior Science category with his research on the “Impact of Physical Activity on Mental Wellness during Virtual School.”

Nicholas Yoo '24 who was a rare freshman entrant, with his entry “In silico analysis of banana, Musa acuminata, allergenicity” in the Cell and Molecular Biology category.

William Li '21 who competed in the Mathematics category with his “Lebesgue Measure Preserving Thompson’s Monoid G.

During the Awards Ceremony on Saturday, March 27, Will Li won two awards from the North Jersey Regional Science Fair:

  • First Place in the Mathematics category ($200 prize)
  • Selected as one of six International Science and Engineering Grand Prize Winners. ($300 prize and an all expenses paid trip to the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair)

Congratulations, Will!

Coincidentally, on March 27 the Research in Science Club took a field trip, led by Will, to Hacklebarney State Park in Chester, which was where Will was during the virtual awards ceremony.  Accompanied by Mr. Bitler, Mr. Theroux and Brother Finnbar, the group undertook a two hour nature hike on a magnificent day, with lots of sunshine, a sparkling river, fresh air and much to see and experience.  Mr. Theroux provided expert biological commentary on the trees and the spring greening, with frequent testing of the boys to see what they had learned.  The trail wended its way along the Black River, which was full of rushing clear spring water.  Mr. Bitler says, "It was a great chance to get some exercise, do some learning, and to enjoy some science camaraderie amongst club members.  The club is planning more excursions into the springtime.  Stay tuned!"

Regrettably, during the hike Nokia First Place winner Will Li was having difficulty connecting with the internet and thus unable to join in a celebratory Q&A with Marcus Weldon, President and Chief Technology Officer of Nokia Bell Labs. Weldon shared the following comments during the live ceremony:

“I’m very glad I don’t have to talk to William because his project is in fact a pure math project which means it is impossible for the rest of the world to understand...What was so impressive is that it is very rare for someone of Will’s career or educational stage to have any chance of solving these kinds of problems because they are rather intellectual and you cannot map them to things you could understand in the real world. Obviously they really are pure math. So well done, Will, and very impressive! Our best mathematicians in Bell Labs, who are some of the best in the world, were incredibly impressed by your ability to both define this project and improve your case and the properties of these monoids.”

Congratulations to Will Li and all our Delbarton science researchers on these stellar results!