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2019 One Act Festival Opens This Weekend

The 2019 One Acts are this weekend! Get your tickets HERE for Friday and Saturday performances...

The 2019 One Act Festival debuts at Delbarton on stage in the FAC on Friday, April 26 and Saturday, April 27!

Five original student-written/produced/directed/performed one- act plays will be performed in the Fine Arts Center theater. Tickets are available HERE. The Festival is moderated by faculty members Dr. Rachel Carlson and Mr. Greg Wyatt who work closely with the playwrights to develop their concepts for the stage. We dropped by their first organizational meeting during a recent M Block...

For the most part, these are first-time playwrights, and several boys referenced Mr. Chris Pillette's Creative Writing class as their one-act trigger. Creative Writing is a senior year elective that exposes boys to different forms of writing including short fiction, poetry, short stories and one-act plays. Students study content and method and write creatively in these common forms. They also learn editing techniques to evaluate and revise their work, and collaborate with peers in small, weekly workshops. (Missing from photos: Mark Wasik '19)

The majority of our 2019 one-acts came to life in Pillette's classroom, and this season's exciting roster includes...

  • The Almond Dilemma: written by Bernardo Stival '19, co-directed by Rory Quinn '20 and Bernardo Stival '19; Daniel is just a normal guy, trying to learn to be a better person with the help of a strange, invisible friend.

  • The Donoisseur: written by Justin Yazdi '19, directed by visiting student director Olivia O'Sullivan '19 (Kent Place School); Two donut-making frenemies battle it out for the promotion of a lifetime, but who will become the head donoisseur?

  • Quietly Into the Night: written by Finn Gannon '19, co-directed by Finn Gannon '19 and Max Alexy '19; High schooler, Sean, lives a mundane, average life, until his outlook is forever altered when he finds out his childhood best friend, Eve, is sick.

  • Rock Time: written by Tim Royse '19, co-directed by Tim Royse '19 and Aidan McLaughlin '19; The mythical King Sisyphus has struggled for eternity to accomplish his endless task of pushing his boulder and while hoping to make it stay at the top of the hill, he's willing to seek help from anyone, including a whole host of interesting visitors.

  • Stockholm Syndrome: written by Mark Wasik '19, co-directed by Mark Wasik '19 and Peter Butler '19; Two old friends, each struggling with their own family situations, are forced to confront what ended their friendship, while working on a project on Stockholm Syndrome.

Tickets are still available for the 2019 Spring One-Act Festival HERE. Don't miss it!