Christopher Maximos '19 Takes 3rd in Extemp Invitational

Christopher Maximos '19 Takes 3rd in Extemp Invitational
Christopher Maximos '19 Takes 3rd in Extemp Invitational
Jessica Fiddes
Congratulations to Christopher Maximos '19 who finished 3rd at the 21st Billy Tate Southern Bell Extemp Round Robin at Montgomery Bell Academy last weekend in Nashville. Chris is in the back row, far left, in this photo of the top placers.

The Bill Tate is an invitation-only tournament and this year the pool consisted of 16 of the best Extempers in the country. Delbarton Forensic Society Moderator LaJuan Foust says, "It is also kind of a haul as competitors have 10 rounds where they must prepare a 7 minute speech followed by a 3 minutes of cross-examination."

Begun in 1982 and formerly known as the Southern Bell, the tournament has earned respect for its unique combination of the highest levels of Southern hospitality (including an abundance of GooGoo Clusters*) and highest levels of competition. For the previous 31 years, Mr. William Woods Tate, Jr, popularly known as Billy, developed the legacy into a regular policy tournament, a Lincoln-Douglas Round Robin and an Extemporaneous Speaking Round Robin.

By limiting the competition to only the most talented and experienced teams from around the country, the level of competition is fierce, and the tourney is consistently one of the most difficult policy debate tournaments of the year. Only the best of the best compete.

Foust says of Christopher, "I'm really delighted by his performance and this is an encouraging sign for the rest of the season. The tournament only recognizes the placement of the top 6, so the accomplishment is quite exciting." This is the second year in a row where Chris has represented Delbarton while facing top level competitors from around the country. We salute him for his fine showing, and wish him good luck as he continues to navigate this very challenging activity proven to reveal and develop skills in research, critical thinking, organization, persuasion and communication.

* From the Montgomery Bell Academy website: "Perhaps the only thing more renowned about the Southern Bell than the coaches' bells, the competitor gifts, the high level of competition, the ground breaking strike sheets, the MBA debaters moving tubs or the overall hospitality, is the abundance of GooGoo Clusters. Invented in 1912 in Nashville, the GooGoo cluster is the world's first ever combination candy bar. The unique name, suggested by a schoolteacher, brings debaters mouths to water across the country as they look forward to the special recipe that first brought together luscious caramel, smooth creamy marshmallow, and fresh roasted peanuts into a round mound surrounded by a thick coating of pure milk chocolate."