Kevin Zhong '19 Receives Science Talent Search Award

Kevin Zhong '19 Receives Science Talent Search Award
Kevin Zhong '19 Receives Science Talent Search Award
Jessica Fiddes

Delbarton School is honored to announce that senior Kevin Zhong '19 has been chosen as a semi-finalist in the prestigious Regeneron Science Talent Search competition for his research involving c. elegans worms and the effects of certain surfactant chemicals (sometimes present in drinking water) on the neural systems of those organisms. Kevin's work has a strong bearing on research into the development of Alzheimer's Disease. He will be awarded a $4,000 prize, and is entered into the Regeneron finalist competition.

Kevin is a co-founder and co-president, with William Li '21, on left, and Alex Luo '19, right, of the Delbarton Research in Science Club.

On January 9, we dropped in on a meeting of the Delbarton Research in Science Club, moderated by faculty member Robert Bitler, where Kevin presented his research.

William Li, pictured below, also presented on his work on game theory algorithms and the efficacy of the Monte Carlo Tree Search as a problem-solving tool...

All three club founders encouraged club members to consider embarking on independent and sponsored-research. Among the obvious intellectual advantages, they observed that research is also an opportunity to distinguish oneself from other college applicants. Li said, "Getting an A in class is great, but it doesn't demonstrate creativity or initiative. Through research you can create your own steps." The meeting was well attended and we look forward to sharing news of more research projects in the future.

Meanwhile, we congratulate Kevin on this award (and on his recent admittance to Yale University) and wish his luck as he continues to navigate the Regeneron Science Talent Search process.