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Student Leadership

DAP group leaders

Diversity Among Peers (DAP)

DAP is a student-led group that fosters leadership in our young men while building and sustaining a welcoming and inclusive student and family community at Delbarton. DAP members develop a sophisticated understanding of the world, build leadership skills and graduate from Delbarton with a clear sense of their own identity.

Community Events and Peer School Connections

DAP members partner with parents in our Parent Council on Diversity and Inclusion (PCDI) to organize cultural events that educate, inspire, entertain and connect our community. These events feature history, food, music, art and cultural performances and demonstrate Delbarton’s ethos of respect and support for all. All DAP-hosted events are open to every member of the Delbarton community. During the 2021-2022 school year, Delbarton offered five major cultural events...

October: Hispanic Heritage Celebration

November:  Diwali Celebration

February: Lunar New Year Event and Black History and Culture Celebration 

April:  Ramadan Interfaith Fast and Feast

Throughout the year, DAP members also form beneficial connections with members of student groups from other NJ peer schools and collaborate with them to plan socials and workshops.

national conferences

Finally, each year, our students also have opportunities to grow and learn by attending these state, regional and national conferences where they continue to develop leadership skills and connect with students from around the country.

workshops and facilitating

Each year, DAP student leaders enable healthy dialog at our Parents of Young Leaders event. Additionally, assisted by faculty mentors and DAP moderators, each April they lead their peers in grade 7 through 12 through a series of four engaging workshops entitled Many Voices One Brotherhood.