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Alumni Show Extraordinary Support for the Delbarton Fund
Jessica Fiddes

After an impressive final push for Delbarton Fund support during another banner year at the School, alumni came through for their alma mater in a big way.  By the stroke of midnight on June 30, signifying the official fiscal yearend,  33.27% of Delbarton alumni -- that's 1,822 alumni in all -- gave or pledged to the Delbarton Fund this year.

Delbarton continues to set the bar high for other independent schools, colleges and universities across the country.

Major award winners include... 

Headmaster's Cup for the greatest participation:

Class of 2008 (72.23%)

Fr. Kenneth Mayer, OSB Award for the most donors:

Class of 2008 (80 donors)

Alumni Achievement Award for the greatest increase in donors:

Class of 2002 (+ 23 donors)

Class Winners by Decades:

  • 40s and 50s: Class of 1956 (53.85%)
  • 60s: Class of 1961 (53.85%)
  • 70s: Class of 1979 (47.06%)
  • 80s: Class of 1989 (41.11%)
  • 90s: Class of 1993 (41.30%)
  • 00s: Class of 2008 (72.73%)
  • 10s: Class of 2012 (64.10%)
  • 20s: Class of 2021 (41.67%) 

THANK YOU to our alumni for showing such unwavering support for Delbarton this year. It is due to the generosity of our alumni, current and former parents and friends that the School is able to deliver an exceptional Benedictine Catholic education to its 650 students while attracting the most qualified admissions candidates to sustain this legacy of excellence.

This year, the Long Green Line of Delbarton alumni remained a key linchpin that defined and strengthened the enduring power of the Delbarton Experience. Onward!

Drone photo of football field and Pizzo Family Field House