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Spanish 3 Celebrates Three Kings Day

Ms. Yaiza Dominguez’s Spanish 3 classes celebrated "El día de Reyes Magos" (also known as Three Kings Day or Epiphany Day) on Friday, January 6. “I brought Rosca de Reyes which is a traditional sweet bread that is eaten to celebrate Epiphany Day or Reyes Magos Day,” said Ms. Dominguez. “Epiphany Day is the last day of Christmas in Spain, which is where I'm from. We also had some flamenco Christmas music going throughout class time.” As the class enjoyed the Rosca de Reyes bread, Ms. Dominguez mentioned a small plastic figurine was placed inside the bread prior to cutting into it. This figurine represents baby Jesus and if you receive the slice with the figurine, it is a sign of good luck.

During class, students also participated in an escape room competition. After being randomly assigned partners, each pair had to work as a team to solve grammar-based activities. The key was that these activities had hidden words that were used in order to unlock the next activity. To add an extra edge to the already fierce competition, the first three teams that solved all the challenges were able to earn one extra point for their next quiz. Click here to watch a quick recap of the class and enjoy some photos of all their activities below...