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Seniors Attend College Orientation Program
Meghan Podimsky

On May 16, the Class of 2023 gathered in the Fine Arts Center for a morning of useful advice as they prepare for the next chapter in their lives as they prepare for college.

The morning started with Kevin Hudson '93 opening the program as the boys filed into the FAC. Next was an inspiring talk from professional counselor Paul DePinto as he discussed how to establish an independent life, make responsible choices and self-discipline themselves as they take on this new journey. “Commencement means beginning…even though it’s the end of your high school career, it’s the beginning of a new journey so make it great,” DePinto said as he concluded his remarks to the soon-to-be graduates. Dr. Matt D'Urso '96 followed up this point by reminding the class to use Delbarton as a resource after graduation and to always come back as alumni.

Then, the group of seniors moved to the gym where they heard from a panel of young alumni consisting of James Royse '22, Paul Mattiola '22, Jack Finning '22, Rob Maffucci '22 and Matt Accardo '22 as they shared their recent freshman year experiences. Next, Cole Kiefer '20 spoke about networking and internships as both are huge pieces to the college experience as he touched on his business with Dante Stefanelli '20 called Student Squared.

Later, the group met in the Garden for a BBQ-style lunch as today kicked off a series of events for the Class of 2023. Next on the agenda is Alumni Career Day on May 17!

College 101 picnic in the garden
College 101 picnic in the garden

On Friday, May 19 our seniors will get suited up for the Senior Awards Ceremony in the Abbey Church, after which they'll receive graduation instructions, their graduation tie and more. After the ceremony, an all-class formal portrait will be taken by Wallburg Studios on Old Main lawn.

Then on Thursday, June 1, seniors are invited to their first Delbarton Alumni Association event, the annual Pig Roast Dinner Meeting, followed by the much-anticipated Senior Prom in the Garden on Friday, June 2. As Delbarton Graduation 2023 swiftly approaches on Sunday afternoon, June 4, Delbarton uses these remaining days together to teach its young alumni-in-waiting important lessons to help smooth their paths to college and beyond.